A Curriculum Custom Designed For Your Goals, Learning Style, And Schedule

With a personally tailored program of dance lessons in Chatswood, you will achieve the designation of Bronze, Silver, or Gold dancer. The degree of dancing achieved will vary depending on your desires, objectives, commitment, and interest. Regardless of the level of dance you achieve, you will always have a skill that you can use for a lifetime.


The Introductory Level of dancing is designed to familiarize you with the most fundamental skills needed for partner dancing. In this level of dance classes you will learn about communication, poise & posture, basic timing, and basic patterns.


The Bronze level of dance lessons in Chatswood is the social standard. It can be equated to earning your High School Certificate in Dance. Bronze dancers are confident in their abilities and blend easily into any social dance situation. They are never lacking for a partner. At the higher levels of Bronze, dancers will be more polished, and may even garner the attention of onlookers. Arthur Murray’s Bronze Program is broken down into four levels:

Beginning Bronze

In this level you will learn the basic patterns necessary to get by in any social dancing situation. You will learn the basic rhythm and step for the dances, as well as a get out of trouble step and a few turns and variations.

This level is still considered a foundational level in your dancing, as you solidify your knowledge of basic skills.

Associate Bronze

At the Associate Bronze level, your dance lessons in Brookvale will focus on polishing the skills and patterns you learned in your Beginning Bronze, as well as increasing your ability to maneuver around a crowded dance floor.

The Associate Bronze Graduate would be considered your average social dancer.

Advanced Bronze

In this level, you will notice that your comfort on the dance floor increases dramatically. You are learning how to dance in smaller spaces, use tighter turns, maneuver even more adeptly, and work with the rhythm of the music.

Most students find that this level is a little bit like the first time you drove your car on the highway—exhilarating and exciting!

Full Bronze

At the Full Bronze level, you will continue to polish all of the skills and techniques you have been learning, as well as increasing your flexibility on the dance floor. You will learn to add a new degree of smoothness and continuity to your dancing as well as new ways to quickly change direction.

Students of our dance lessons in Chatswood who achieve this level of dance are considered to be exceptional social dancers!


The Silver level of dancing is the equivalent of a Bachelors Degree in Dance. Students who typically continue to Silver take their dancing seriously and want to become more refined than most social dancers.

At a night club, the Silver level dancer will feel totally at ease and in control and will often clear the floor when they let their skills fly.


The Gold level of dancing is like getting your Doctorate Degree in Dance. Gold level dancers are hobbyist dancers who love to learn and love to dance. Many Gold level dancers have chosen to pursue their ballroom dancing education as a lifelong hobby.

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