Paso Doble

Paso Doble Lessons

Interested in taking Paso Doble lessons in Sydney? Chatswood can take Paso Doble lessons as well as other ballroom dancing lessons at Arthur Murray Dance Studio. Read on to learn more about the Paso Doble dance as well as to get information about why you might consider signing up for Chatswood Paso Doble lessons.

In your Chatswood Paso Doble lessons, you’ll learn that musical interpretation is a must in the classic Paso Doble. All the drama of the Bullfight can be felt with every passing step as the matador, portrayed by the man, and the cape, portrayed by the female, twist, turn and pass in a unified manner to elude the threat of the bull. Sound passionate? It is!

History of Paso Doble

The Paso Doble, which actually originated in southern France, tells the story of the Spanish Bullfight with the man as the matador and the woman his cape. Paso Doble means “double step” in Spanish which refers to the marching nature of the steps.

Paso Doble Lesson Characteristics

What are the characteristics of our Paso Doble dance lessons in Chatswood? The Paso Doble is a progressive Latin dance in that its forward steps are taken with heel leads, the frame is wider and kept in a more strict upward fashion, and there is dramatically less hip movement than other Latin dances. The figures of the modern day Paso Doble represent the passes and movements of a matador, but have also incorporated the Flamenco style and rhythms.

Music Used for Paso Doble Lessons

Paso Doble lessons utilize music that has a double time, march-like, rhythm. Most Paso Doble songs are variants of Espana Cani, the Spanish Gypsy Dance. Traditionally Paso Doble routines are choreographed to match the crescendos in the music and the musical phrasing.

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