Rumba Dance Lessons

If you’re looking for Rumba Dance Lessons in Chatswood, the dance teachers at Arthur Murray Dance Studio can turn you into a star!  Rumba dance lessons in Chatswood are available at Arthur Murray Dance Studio.

History of the Rumba

The Rumba was at the beginning of the Cuban and Latin American dance crazes. Danced to music inspired by African rhythms and Spanish melodies, the Americanized Rumba was the basis for the Mambo and Cha Cha around the world.

This ballroom dance that was born for the amusement on the farms by farmhands and it was originally a marriage dance. Many of its movements and actions, which seem to have an erotic meaning, are merely depictions of simple farm tasks. The shoeing of the mare, the climbing of a rope, the courtship of the rooster and the hen, and so on.

The Rumba continued to grow in popularity until it was introduced in the United States about 1933. It was the Americanized version for the Cuban Son and Danzon. It is in 4/4 time. The characteristic feature is to take each step without initially placing the weight on that step. Steps are made with a slightly bent knee which, when straightened, causes the hips to sway from side to side in what has come to be known as “Cuban Motion.”

Rumba Dance Lessons – Characteristics

Wondering what to expect from Rumba dance lessons? The distinctive hip movement of Rumba, called the Cuban Motion, is one of the most important elements of this dance. Introduced in the Rumba, it is an important styling element in a number of popular Latin American dances. Rumba dance lessons will sharpen your sense of rhythm, timing and muscular control.

Music Used for Rumba Dance Lessons

Rumba rhythms have found their way into Country Western, Blues, Rock & Roll and other popular forms of music. Music for Rumba lessons (and the Rumba in general) is usually written in 4/4 time and may be played over a wide variety of tempos. Often in rumba music there may be an underlying pulsation of & 1 & 2 & 3 & 4. The basic step in Rumba is counted Slow, Quick, Quick (SQQ). You’ll learn all about the steps in Brookvale Rumba dance lessons.

Rumba songs and artists include:

•    And I Love Her, by The Beatles
•    It’s Now or Never , by Elvis Presley
•    Besame Mucho, by Xavier Cugat
•    Neon Moon, by Brooks and Dunn
•    Under The Boardwalk, by The Drifters

If you want to learn Latin dancing, taking Rumba dance lessons in Chatswood is a prerequisite for good Latin Dancing. The Cuban Motion is essential in most all Latin dances. The Rumba is used by good dancers everywhere and provides interesting variety suited to a limited space. Neat, attractive, precise footwork gives you confidence in your dancing. You can learn all you need to know to be a master on the dance floor in our Latin dance lessons.

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